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exie’s apr 2011

working on her laptop just like Baba

working on her laptop just like Baba

For inexplicable (and probably non-reproducible) reasons, I seem to have kept better tabs on things this month. So instead of making a zillion more posts, here are some Exie highlights (and one lowlight) from the month:

  • 4/2: She changed Baba’s diaper. For some reason, she decided she should wear gloves. I tried not to be offended.
  • 4/6: She got her first Time Out ever, for pushing Keo over. We’ve never used Time Outs before, but we decided that for physically hurting Keo, we would. Can somebody please write a trustworthy parenting manual so we know what we’re supposed to do?
  • 4/8: had a long discussion with Baba about why some e’s are silent and some aren’t
  • 4/9: learned how to play hopscotch
  • 4/10: Had her first poop in the big toilet. “I feel really proud of myself.” Reward: 3 chocolate chips.
  • 4/11: She gave Mama a “potty try,” by climbing up behind her on the dining chair while she was feeding Keo (similar to how we currently hold Keo when he is using the potty). “Oh… you need to go pee and poop. Pssswssswsss. Good job!” Then wiped Mama’s butt with a napkin.
  • carrying a baby just like Mama

    carrying a baby just like Mama

  • 4/11: She got her second Time Out (for pushing Keo over again). Afterwards she went to Keo and gave him a big hug and said, “I’m sorry, Keo. Are you okay?” We used to ask her to say sorry for stuff she did, but we stopped a while back ‘cause it didn’t seem like it produced a genuine response. This apology, however, was obviously genuine. And as she gave him a long hug, she whispered, “I love you, Keo. I love you.”
  • 4/11: She told Mama, “I love Keo, but I don’t like him.” Then a bit later, “I like his hair, but I don’t like his hands.” To be fair, his hands grab her hair a fair amount.
  • 4/11: understands how a sentence is read differently if it has an exclamation point (had a long discussion with Mama about it)
  • 4/11 (that’s right; a lot happened today): She let Mama braid her hair for the first time, and then asked Mama to braid her own hair, too, so that they were matching.
  • 4/19: Parent teacher conference. Apparently Exie just loves to sing at school, too. They told us about a time when a bunch of kids were parallel playing at the water table and Exie was just in the middle of them belting her lungs out. Go, girl.
sharing a smoothie with Mama

sharing a smoothie with Mama

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