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keo’s eighth month

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Some highlights from Keo’s eighth month:

  • 3/9: decided that pulling the corner of the cover off the changing table was hilarious
  • 3/14: Played first game in which he’s actually a participant (as opposed to just watching). The game consisted of me holding him over a ball on the floor, with him grabbing the ball. Then I would put him on my lap, and he’d intentionally drop the ball so that we could do it all over again.
  • 3/16: sliding backwards on the floor
  • 3/18: able to actually bounce in the bouncer now
  • 3/21: made a noise that Susan believes is distinctly mama-ish (both times so far it has been under duress)
  • 3/24: seems to understand a few words: Mama/Baba (sorta’), Exie, Rosevera, milk, and book
  • first unassisted standing

    first unassisted standing

  • 3/25: seems to have figured out that if he can’t get to something on the floor, he can turn around (or sideways) and get closer, then try again
  • 3/27: stood while holding onto something without anybody holding him up (at one of Exie’s friend’s bday parties at My Gym) – note that by “stood” I mean that he stood there; not that he stood up
  • 3/28: Susan felt the tiniest corners of his first teeth coming out; understands the concept of “high 5,” though can only do it while lying on his back
  • 3/29: first chopsticks (held by Mama, of course); first food in a restaurant (Japanese tapas and ramen); managed to do a high-5 while sitting up
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