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keo’s ninth month

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Some highlights from Keo’s ninth month:

  • 4/2: can clap (on cue, instead of just randomly) – his hands aren’t fully open (though they’re no longer tight crumpled little fists)
  • 4/7: moved from sitting to crawling position (but not crawling yet)
  • 4/8: pulled up (unassisted) on the laundry basket
  • 4/9: Twice consecutively picked up a single cereal puff and got it into his mouth. If you can do something twice in a row, then you really can do it. Well, ok, he can sorta’ do it; it’s still pretty hit and miss.
  • 4/11: officially (finally) cutting first tooth
  • 4/17: Successfully and convincingly made the “yay” sign (raising both hands over his head). He kept doing it, and we all kept doing it back to him. He would smile and do it again. This went on for many minutes and several times throughout the day.
  • 4/17: Took first in-diaper poop in a LONG time (many months). Yes, that’s right… that means he’s been pooping in the potty for months. Crazy. Unfortunately, this one happened either just before or while he was in the bouncer, so he really flattened it into a wide-diameter poop pancake.
  • picture without caption
  • 4/22: Said “mba mba” – somewhere between “mama” and “baba.” And it seemed like he kinda’ knew what he was saying. For a few weeks he’s sorta’ made a “mama”-ish sound sometimes when he’s been distressed, but this was much more convincing. He’d look at one of us and say it. His most said phrase is still something like “uhn,” but it seems there is a special emphasis on it when he might be referring to exie, more like “ehn.”
  • 4/23: Standing while holding onto Exie’s art project table, Keo noticed that there was a Lego piece on top of the table (he can barely see over the edge). Instead of doing the normal grab-and-throw-to-floor baby thing, he actually proceeded to grab other Lego pieces out of the adjacent nearby bin and move them to the top of the table! This is awesome; it obviously indicates that he is the smartest baby in the universe, or maybe just a tiny bit of forethought and some early categorization, but most of all, the ability to at least once in a while not choose to smash everything.
  • 4/25: definitely saying “mama” once in a while now
  • 4/27: He got onto all fours from a sitting position, all by himself. Then he managed to get each of his four limbs off the ground and then back down on the ground. He didn’t actually move forward, but it was nonetheless a groundbreaking maneuver, compared to what he’s done in the past. We’ve decided that this is Keo’s style. He doesn’t practice; he just waits for a while and then does it. No spending ages on all fours rocking back and forth; just wait for a couple months then get on all fours and go. He seems to start doing things a bit later than some other babies, but then he catches up quickly ‘cause (like his Mama) he doesn’t like to do the practice level.
  • 4/28: He pulled himself up on the bouncer, from sitting to standing. The last week and a half he’s been spending about a half an hour after dinner standing while holding onto the bouncer. At first, I was basically keeping him upright most of the time, but now we can just leave him there for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Each day is a marked improvement over the last. And today was the first time he actually managed to pull up by himself.
  • 4/30: Susan thinks he’s actually sometimes signing the word “more” instead of clapping. When he claps, his hands are a bit more open and when he signs more, they’re a bit more closed. Susan can interpret this; me – not so much.
standing near the bouncer with some 'help' from jye-jye

standing near the bouncer with some ‘help’ from jye-jye

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