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sleep training for #2

The nights have been killing us. Keo routinely gets up 3, 4, even 5 times/night. Sometimes I can get him back down, sometimes Susan feeds him, whatever. Both parents are exhausted after months of this. We haven’t done “sleep training” yet because he’s always been sick (over 70% of his life he’s been sick – drag), and also because… well… we just don’t want to do it because “sleep training” seems to usually mean the crying-it-out method. But he’s been healthy now for about 2 weeks, we we’re making a go of it.

Two nights ago we started in earnest. We put him down normally, and gave him a “dream feed” at 10:30, but after that it was Baba’s job to get him through the night (or at least the next 5 hours) without eating. The fourth hour was brutal (he was a very unhappy camper), but he did it. The few times he got up after that, he managed to go to sleep after just one quick visit. Phew. Tired Baba.

Last night was better. I put him down without food (he had fed earlier). He cried, but I only had to go in a few times and he eventually went to sleep in about 15 minutes. Not bad. Dream feed at 10:30 went fine. Woke up in the night again, but it wasn’t as bad as the previous night. A few more wakings went quickly, too. Mama and Baba have their hopes up – is this really going to work relatively quickly?

Tonight, he didn’t get tired until very late (about 8), but at that point he went down without crying a bit. He has blue blanket and seahorse and apparently that’s sufficient. He woke up a LOT in the night, however. Fortunately, he only cried for a little while each time and was relatively easy to get back down, but it was still enough times that we’re pretty darn tired today. Still, seems like we’re making progress. Fingers are crossed.

UPDATE (Jun 3): We’ve had some ups and downs, but last night he made it all the way 10:30pm “dream feed” to 6:30am (wake up time) without any assistance! Good job, Keo!

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