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We are the Stanats, and this blog is about our family.

Grace (strange name for a man, but there it is anyway) and Susan met in San Francisco in 2001 while Grace’s company, 415 Productions, was bidding to design and build the KQED website. Susan worked for a technology firm at the time, and 415 brought her firm in to help with the bid. Fortunately, 415 was awarded the project, and we got the chance to get to know each other better.

We were married on August 7, 2004, and soonafter took a break from our hectic careers and embarked on a 13 month “honeymoon” around the world (see

Life meandered on after we returned (some interesting projects, a three month stint in Taipei, a post-travel commitment to getting rid of stuff, etc.), until we took the plunge into parenthood, getting pregnant in late 2007. Just before the baby was born, we moved to Palo Alto. Of course, we miss the buzz of the city, and the food, and the enormous amount of culture packed into such a relatively small area. But we like Palo Alto, too; life is… well… just easier. We thought this might be a good place to spend our first few years as parents. That pretty much brings us up to where this blog begins…

If you want it, a bit more background:

Grace’s given name is Gregory Chi Stanat. He was mostly raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He attended Pomona College in Claremont California, outside of Los Angeles. He did his graduate work in Oxford. He’s been a florist, a temp office worker, a musician, an audio engineer, a computer programmer, and eventually founded his own web design firm. He collects Lego, speaks a bit of Mandarin, likes photography, and would love to master Heavy Mode on Dance Dance Revolution. But most of all he loves his wife and daughter.

Susan was born Susan Chen Hung, in San Francisco. She’s lived all of her life in the Bay Area, including her college years at Berkeley, so she’s one of the few who can truly say she is a native around here. She’s an avid foodie and cook, sometimes (though less frequently than in the past) the life of the party, and will gladly Karaoke with anybody willing at any hour, using anything at all as a microphone. Raised partly by her grandparents, she speaks fluent Taiwanese (though with an American accent, whatever that means), and spotty Mandarin (though a lot better than Grace). But again, most of all, she is a loving wife and mother.

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