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  • Dec 31 : kinch & heather tie the knot
    We received a surprise call from Kinch and Heather about a week ago. Of course, since you have read the title of this post, you already know the news. Whoohoo!...
  • Dec 26 : just like her mama
    Baby loves to dance. When the music starts, she just can't help herself. When the music stops, she says, "More, more." There is no question which side of the family this comes from... [video]
  • Dec 22 : letters & numbers
    We have some of the standard learning-letters-and-numbers toys: blocks with letters and numbers on them, big rubber bath letters and numbers, etc. Exie has always shown a strong interest in these. At first, she just sucked on the bath letters...
  • Dec 10 : number two
  • Dec 1 : random verbal accomplishments
    When Susan came down this morning... [she] asked what we had been doing so far this morning. I replied that we'd been working on letters and numbers...
  • Nov 22 : weightlifter
    "Biiiiig! Heaaaavy!" Actually, at the moment she seems to think all balls are "heavy." This particular ball actually *is* relatively heavy, but the vast majority of the other balls lurking around the house are not... [video]
  • Nov 9 : food finesse
    Let's see... is it possible to get this entire pear into my mouth? How 'bout this soup... [video]
  • Nov 6 : baby from ipanema
    If I were the protagonist in a dark, apocalyptic movie, and my wife and child had been forcibly taken from me by the dark forces of evil, this is the video that I would play... [video]
  • Oct 12 : blood draw
    There can be few things that rip your heart out quite so completely as physically restraining your own screaming child...
  • Oct 8 : "eggsy"
    "Hey Exie, who's that in the mirror with Baba?"... [audio]
  • Sep 30 : learning to walk
    Major milestones deserve a montage (especially if they involve Russian knee dancing)... [video]
  • Sep 26 : 100 words
    Ama ("gramma" on mom's side in Mandarin), animals, Antoine (playgroup friend), apple, baa (sheep sound), Baba ("Daddy" in Mandarin), baby...
  • Sep 22 : playgroup + 1 (again)
    Playgroup Super Awesome has added yet another member, so now the total is six. The new addition is Adam (who has the best laugh in the world) and his mom Diana...
  • Sep 15 : tough couple of weeks
    My dad has also been struggling with his health. Unfortunately for him, he was ambushed by some sort of virus during his visit to us. Their normal one-week visit has turned into three-weeks...
  • Sep 11 : great grandma
    We just received news that Susan's grandma has passed away (in Taiwan). She has been in the hospital, and we were all hoping that she would recover, but she didn't. She was 96 and led a great life...
  • Aug 28 : camera upgrade
    Our new camera arrived a few days ago and I'm starting to use it today. It is extremely likely that nobody cares about this except me, with the possible exceptions of Nasir and Spencer...
  • Aug 26 : no more smooching for you!
    At the most recent playgroup session (a few days ago), Antoine gave Exie a big ol' smooch goodbye. His parents are teaching him the traditional French custom of kisses on both cheeks. This one, however, was a long-lasting smackeroo...
  • Aug 25 : first steps
    My folks arrived today... On the way home from the airport I told them that I thought that Exie would be walking before they left in a week...
  • Aug 19 : first IM chat
    So of course it eventually comes to pass that Exie is sitting on Susan's lap when I IM her about something... Here is the transcript:...
  • Aug 15 : electric slide
    Wanna' go on the big twisty slide, Exie? Okay, Poppa will go with you. Hmm... that's interesting. Wanna' go again?
  • Aug 9 : toddler?
    Apparently the definition of "toddler" is somewhat up for grabs. Of course, it would be quite reasonable for one to be considered a toddler as soon as one can actually toddle (which Exie can't yet)...
  • Aug 8 : animal sounds
    She learned cat first, because of Chloe. Then cow, which for some reason has always sounded like "buuuh" instead of "moo"... [video]
  • Aug 1 : ken & anna get hitched
    Our good friends Ken and Anna got married today. The location was a nice winery (Clos La Chance) south of San Jose. The weather was awesome. Too nice, if anything...
  • Jul 26 : first xiao long bao
    First what? Xiao long bao are a specific type of Chinese dumpling. The exact translation is...
  • Jul 15 : "clock!"
    Exie has a clock obsession. Period. It is now the word she says most, and the thing that she wants to see most... [audio]
  • Jun 28 : birthday bonanza
    There were a lot of birthday parties this month... [video]
  • Jun 23 : international star
    Just a quick news flash to let the world know that Exie is a rising star in the highly competitive international-babies-in-slings modeling world...
  • Jun 17 : farewell, dear chloe
    We bid a very sad farewell today to our awesome cat, Chloe. Her kidneys finally gave out after almost 16 years...
  • Jun 12 : more words
    Quick update on Exie's vocabulary. It now includes Mama, Baba ("Dada" in Mandarin), bau bau ("hug" or "hold" in Mandarin), ball, meow, and moo (pronounced more like "bmmm").
  • Jun 11 : weekly activities
    When reading about the hectic schedule of the average soccer mom... I've always thought of this problem as something to be dealt with at some far-future date. Now, however, I'm less optimistic about the "far-future" part...
  • May 31 : 11 months round-up
    Almost one year old. Zowie. It has been a blur. Of course new things happen all the time, but with first words and increased hand gestures, this month seems to have brought even more tiny miracles than usual... [video]
  • May 28 : playgroup + 1
    Yes, I know, I wrote a post about Exie's playgroup already, but there's been a new addition; Rachelle (pronounced "Raquel") and her daughter Nola joined a few weeks ago...
  • May 19 : "excuse you!"
    Once in a while we'll stumble on a saying (usually combined with a specific tone of voice) that cracks her up, over and over... [video]
  • May 10 : "mama"
    Today is Mother's Day. I can't think of a better present... [audio]
  • May 4 : playgroup super awesome
    We've continued to attend some parent support group meetings... A few months ago, Aude invited Susan and two other moms and babies to her house for a playdate...
  • Apr 25 : firmware update
    To Whomever It May Concern: I am writing to request a firmware update. Detailed specifications of my particular model (2008) are provided below in the hopes that this information will be of assistance...
  • Apr 16 : waving
    Today Exie waved for the first time... [video]
  • Apr 10 : pulling up
    To those in the audience that don't have kids, "pulling up" refers to babies reaching a standing position on their own by using a prop of some sort (laundry basket, chair, whatever)... [video]
  • Apr 3 : cheerio
    She is getting better at getting food into her mouth on her own. A lot of it still ends up on the floor, on her face, on her clothes, and even (not sure how) in her diaper... [video]
  • Mar 19 : attack of the giant baby
    ... But since I don't have that kind of time anymore, you're just going to have to pretend that I figured out how to blue screen a burning cityscape into the background... [video]
  • Mar 12 : tiny-baby-mommy
    Susan got a new nickname today. Here's how it went down...
  • Mar 8 : sick & tired
    [audio] ... As a family, we have been in better health. Exie was sick. Then Susan got sick. Then I got sick. Then Susan got sick again. And though Exie is definitely over the worst of it...
  • Mar 6 : crawling trilogy
    Book One: Our ancient story spans many eons (or almost a month). In a land before time (that would be the kitchen, in February), the great wyrm stirs, and begins her long journey... [videos]
  • Mar 5 : daddies do the dumbest things
    I think the title just about sums it up. [video]
  • Feb 26 : baby bagel
    Susan has gone to a fair amount of trouble making baby food from fresh organic fruits and veggies, but Exie is not having any of it. She only likes the stuff from the jars... And bagels, which of course she still can't really eat, on account of the fact that she only has two teeth... [video]
  • Feb 22 : vegas, baby!
    Yes, I realize that the title sounds like we all went to Las Vegas. Or perhaps that at least the baby went to Vegas. Instead, what happened was that Susan went to Vegas to celebrate Lisan's 40th birthday... So that meant that daddy was home solo with Exie for the weekend...
  • Jan 30 : family tree
    My parents are here this week... Coincidentally, Susan's father is home from Taiwan this week, too...
  • Jan 28 : teeth
    For the past 10 days or so, Exie has seemed a bit less comfortable than normal. She's been making a new smacking sound with her mouth, so of course we theorized that she had some teeth coming in...
  • Jan 19 : thud (twice)
    They say it happens to every parent sooner or later, but that doesn't make us feel any better...
  • Jan 18 : zen master robbie
    The Christensen family (Katie, Doug, Gracie [4], and Robbie [8 months]) was originally going to visit us on the same weekend that Sam and Eric came up. But Robbie was sick, ... so they came up (from LA) this weekend...
  • Jan 9 : cupie doll makes a break for it
    After numerous failed attempts by the cameraman to elicit an interesting response, cupie doll decides she's had enough and attempts to leave the building... [video]
  • Jan 4 : anyone know a good sitter?
    Whoohoo! Sitting! Tripod stance. Toe-grab stance. Forehead stance. [video]
2008 (30)
  • Dec 31 : laugh tracks
    That last post is no way to end the year, so here's something that should make you giggle:... [video]
  • Dec 31 : kidney stone
    Holy moly. A new realm of pain. I spent yesterday morning in the emergency room. The night before I had some pain in my side, and I thought it was just something I ate (like maybe a tornado or a rocket launcher)...
  • Dec 28 : one half
    Today is Exie's half birthday! So we measured her height and went to Day One (a nearby store for new parents) to get her exact weight. She is officially 2'1'' and 14 lbs. 10 oz...
  • Dec 27 : not walking
    Nope, not even close. Nor is she even crawling, for that matter. But she does love to stand up (with significant help, of course), and sometimes she'll take a few assisted steps... [video]
  • Dec 25 : beware the abominable
    Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Celebrate to everybody! I'm not usually first in line on the whole Xmas spirit thing, but now that we have a little one, I'm planning on getting a little more into it...
  • Dec 9 : vampire
    Those baby vampires are the worst. [video]
  • Dec 7 : "poppa!"
    Could the quotes in the title possibly mean that Exie has managed to say "Poppa!"? (I never have figured out how to punctuate sentences like that - there must be a rule somewhere.) But in answer to the question...
  • Dec 6 : 600% ninja vs. big-fist-pajama-man
    Our good friends Sam(antha) and Eric came to visit this weekend... One of the weekend highlights (in my juvenile opinion) centered around a tiny Grow-Your-Own-Ninja toy we gave to Eric...
  • Nov 30 : multiforce high throughput systems
    ... it's about this time that we start to receive yearly letters from various branches of our family... chock full of snippets about Josh's soccer triumphs, Justin's relationships with tree frogs, Oslo's climbing feats, or Rio's awesome Halloween costume. And each year we also get one from Lea and Ina...
  • Nov 18 : morning songs
    Lots of singing, humming, and... well... just random mouth-noises. A father will do just about anything to keep his daughter entertained. Fortunately for you, I haven't recorded the out-of-tune ramblings that are part of our morning ritual...
  • Nov 7 : page turner
    I have a pretty relaxed attitude towards developmental milestones. I figure that since we're spending so much time with Exie throughout the day, she will be fine. Nonetheless, it is difficult to completely ignore the many lists of things... [video]
  • Oct 31 : the great pumpkin
    Here's a sound track to play while you're reading this post. It's Exie saying goodnight to lambie... [audio]... Exie's first Halloween. She was a pink fluffy cat, sorta'...
  • Oct 21 : cackles & raspberries
    All the books say that nothing can melt your heart as quickly as your baby's smile. Actually, there is one thing that's even stronger, your baby's laugh, or in our case, cackle... [video]
  • Oct 18 : cupcakes
    I'm going to write an entry that has almost nothing to do with Exie. Life for her parents goes on, too, you know. Susan is a foodie. And we both like various types of games. So once in a while food-ness and game-ness collide in an interesting fashion...
  • Oct 8 : dr. igor vom plosion
    This post starts out fairly cutesy, and degenerates into disgusting. You have been warned... I assume that most new parents have multiple pet names for their little one. Favorites probably include things like "Bunny," "Peanut," and "Shnookums."...
  • Oct 1 : third month
    In keeping with our monthly development chronicles, here are some things that happened during Exie's third month:...
  • Sep 20 : the routine
    We're lucky; we have two parents at home, so we can double-team our little one and retain some semblance of getting enough sleep. Somehow, we still never get as much sleep as we think we will, ... Exie's day usually starts around 7:30am or so. She's very active then, and loves to...
  • Sep 5 : nothin' but a hound dog
    In the first month... you do sometimes feel like it doesn't really matter who is holding her and changing her diaper... Fortunately, as early as the second month, you can at least imagine that she's figured out who you are... [video]
  • Sep 1 : second month
    When we meet parents of older children they often say something like, "Enjoy this time - they grow up so fast!" Well, it's true. It's hard to believe how fast she changes; it seems like there's something new everyday... [audio]
  • Aug 8 : crying like a baby
    [audio] ... Here's the first reasonable recording of Exie (click the triangle above to play the sound). In terms of noises, her main one at the moment is crying 'cause... well... that's what babies do...
  • Aug 7 : 4th anniversary
    Well... our baby is almost six weeks old, but today our marriage is four years old. We've known each other for seven years and been married for four. Pretty much the best seven years of my life, ...
  • Jul 31 : first month firsts
    A lot of things that Exie does, she is doing for the first time, so it is very easy to come up with "firsts":... [video]
  • Jul 2 : going home
    Exie was given the all-clear yesterday and we were released in the early afternoon... ... Less than 10 minutes from the hospital, while Susan was on the phone with Exie's new pediatrician (Dr. Noland), she said, "Grace! She's turning blue! Pull over!"...
  • Jun 30 : steady improvement
    Yesterday and today have seen steady improvement, and thus a lightening of our moods. The tests kept coming back with good results...
  • Jun 29 : newborn ICU
    After her not-breathing episode, the nurses carried Exie off to the Newborn ICU, or the NICU (they pronounce it "nik-yu"). Susan was instructed to return to her room since she was still in pretty bad shape from the delivery and needed to rest. I went to the NICU with Exie...
  • Jun 29 : remembering the delivery
    ... I thought it might be smart to write down a few things that we don't want to forget, in no particular order: Contractions started in earnest on Friday night (the 27th) while we were out having dinner with Stella & Spencer; We left for the hospital sometime before 4am on Saturday morning...
  • Jun 28 : from zero to Exie
    Today we have changed from a couple to a small family. We are three. It was a tough labor (27 hours to be exact). Susan is an absolute rockstar. Period. Exner Yi Stanat (Exie for short) was born at 11:11pm weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz. and measuring 20 inches long...
  • Jun 22 : freedom
    Happy day - today Susan has been officially released from bedrest! ...
  • May 11 : bedrest
    ... Susan has been confined to complete bedrest; she's only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and make herself a PB & J once in a while...
  • May 2 : unexpected hospital visit
    ... We went in for a routine check-up with Dr. Hsiao on April 30 and were surprisingly admitted to the hospital. We're at about 28 weeks now and Susan's been having contractions for some time now...
2007 (1)
  • Nov 2 : (tiny) bun in the oven
    Today we found out. Unbelievable. We thought it would take longer (we were just "practicing"). Susan was in such disbelief that it took three pregnancy tests to convince her. We are ecstatic, anxious, nervous, scared, and overjoyed...

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