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Yes, of course, there are some other links that we want you to know about:

> Travel

13 months: After we got married (in 2004), we took a loooooong honeymoon, thirteen months to be exact. This site originally started as a simply travel blog so our friends and family could keep track of us, but in the end took on a life of its own. We flew over 75,000 miles to visit 29 countries on 6 continents. We also managed to take over 18,000 pictures (don’t worry – we’ve only posted the most interesting ones).

12foot3: Our good friends Jeremy and Hope recently embarked on their own 13 month odyssey. This is their travel blog. Even though we’ve been on such a trip already, we’re still jealous!

> Artists

Dugosaurus: Dug is Grace’s brother. He works at PDI (Dreamworks) rigging character faces, meaning he prepares a static 3D model for animation (kind of like turning a stuffed animal into a marionette). Since he works mostly on faces, he creates the ability for them to talk, blink, emote, etc. Some of the favorites that he’s done include Marty (the Zebra), Melman (the giraffe) and all the penguins from Madagascar and Madagascar 2, and Donkey and the ogre babies from Shrek 3 and 4. This site shows some of his personal work (sculpture and 3D animation).

Nasir Hamid: Nasir is a photographer friend of Grace’s from Oxford (and the go-to guy whenever we have a photography question). Coincidentally, he’s also a recent parent with his wife Jen; their daughter Nya is one month younger than Exie.

Mike Shankman: Mike is an awesome painter. We met him during our Bryant St. days in the city; he was one of the founders of Million Fishes. We commissioned a couple paintings that hang in honored spots in our house reminding us not only of our loft years in the city, but also of our good friend Mike.

Yes Duffy: Yes is another of the Million Fishes founders that we met during our Bryant St. days. His interests (and notoriety) extend in some interesting different directions (architecture, art, activist, reality TV star, etc.)

Kevin Clarke: Kevin is a sculptor and painter, the third founder of Million Fishes, and the one we’ve known the longest since he lived in Bryant St. with us before Million Fishes was born. Kevin and Grace also share a deep love for Lego, as you can see in some of Kevin’s work.

Ken Okutake: IT guru by week, spear fisherman/artist by weekend. Ken is a long-time friend of Susan’s (and now all of us). Ken’s style of art is called Gyotaku, a Japanese fish printing technique, traditionally done by fisherman to preserve the record of a memorable catch. One of our prized possessions is a print he gave us as a wedding present.

> Causes

The Extraordinaries: Got 5 minutes? Have a cell phone? Volunteer! The Extraordinaries allows anybody with a cell phone to volunteer short chunks of time in a variety of arenas. The Extraordinaries is run by Jacob Colker and Ben Rigby, and is a spin off of Mobile Voter, where Grace worked as Co-Executive Director.

> Friends

VanHuisen family blog: There are a million family blogs, but this one by our friends the VanHuisens (who stayed in our place when we took our world trip) is the one that inspired us to make ours.

Olinda: Our friend Olinda’s personal blog. Boom boom.

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