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first lego “custom”

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Built her first real “custom,” as her cousins call them. Oslo and Rio call it a “custom” when you build something significant out of Lego that has nothing to do with any directions. Obviously, at Exie’s age, nothing has to do with directions, so it’s the “significant” part that’s important here. And what a custom it was! It was a ginormous awesome house with a tall tower and what appeared to be an attached garage, complete with an attached car.

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house is ready… NOT

Whoohoo – the house is done! NOT. It’s not even almost done. It’s not even in the ballpark of almost done. I don’t think it would even understand the phrase “almost done.”

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accidental profanity

Exie: How do you spell oven?
Mama: Why don’t you try? How do you think you spell oven?
Exie: a-r-s-e

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keo’s eighth month

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Some highlights from Keo’s eighth month:

  • 3/9: decided that pulling the corner of the cover off the changing table was hilarious
  • 3/14: Played first game in which he’s actually a participant (as opposed to just watching). The game consisted of me holding him over a ball on the floor, with him grabbing the ball. Then I would put him on my lap, and he’d intentionally drop the ball so that we could do it all over again.
  • 3/16: sliding backwards on the floor
  • 3/18: able to actually bounce in the bouncer now
  • 3/21: made a noise that Susan believes is distinctly mama-ish (both times so far it has been under duress)
  • 3/24: seems to understand a few words: Mama/Baba (sorta’), Exie, Rosevera, milk, and book
  • first unassisted standing

    first unassisted standing

  • 3/25: seems to have figured out that if he can’t get to something on the floor, he can turn around (or sideways) and get closer, then try again
  • 3/27: stood while holding onto something without anybody holding him up (at one of Exie’s friend’s bday parties at My Gym) – note that by “stood” I mean that he stood there; not that he stood up
  • 3/28: Susan felt the tiniest corners of his first teeth coming out; understands the concept of “high 5,” though can only do it while lying on his back
  • 3/29: first chopsticks (held by Mama, of course); first food in a restaurant (Japanese tapas and ramen); managed to do a high-5 while sitting up
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sink baths

picture without caption
picture without caption
picture without caption

I’m assuming these won’t be possible for too much longer, but for the time being, everybody seems to love sink baths.

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“and now, we dance!”

With some regularity, when Exie is talking us through a group activity (or bossing us through one, depending on your perspective), she wraps up the activity by saying, “And now… we dance!” She is her mother’s daughter, that’s for sure.

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keo’s seventh month (mostly about food)



Some highlights from Keo’s seventh month, in which he tried lots of new (mushed up) food:

  • 1/31: first backward slither
  • 2/1: wriggling all over the floor like a crazy worm – not quite getting anywhere, but definitely making a concerted effort
  • 2/7: tried rice cereal: bad reaction (gas)
  • 2/8: winter squash: likes it
  • 2/9: peas: likes it
  • 2/11: pears (in an effort to combat constipation): doesn’t like it as much as other stuff, but eats it
  • 2/12: peas again: LOVES it
  • 2/14: prunes: likes it
  • 2/15: carrots: indifferent
  • 2/18: avocado: first outright failure
  • 2/18: Gnaws on a whole grape (not mushed up) and really enjoys it. He’s been grabbing at everybody’s spoons and bowls for over a month now, and is certainly becoming more interested in food. Maybe he’s ready for finger food?
  • 2/18: pear (whole, held by Mama): likes it
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Exie: What are these? (pointing at books in a picture that are numbered 1-4)
Mama: Those numbers indicate that those books are different volumes in a series.
Exie: This book is high, this one is low, this book is high and this one is low!
[pause by mama, while she realizes that Exie is talking about audio volume]
Mama: Oh, right, in this case “volumes” has a different meaning. In this case volumes means that these books are all related somehow. Just like we have the books: Cat the Cat Who is That?; Time to Sleep Sheep the Sheep; Let’s Say Hi to Friends Who Fly. All of those are volumes in a series by the same author.
Exie: Mo Willems! (who is actually the author of the Cat the Cat books)
Mama: That’s right! So those books are all in the same series and each of those books is a different volume. (really struggling to figure out how to explain it without using the same words “volumes, series” over and over again. But can’t.) The books in the picture numbered 1-4 are related to eatch other but are different books.
Mama: Does that make sense? (feeling like she’s really reaching here)
Exie: Yup.

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This morning Exie and I spent some time talking about hundreds. She learned to recognize 100, 200, etc. Later in the day, Exie saw the word “ZOO” and immediately said, “Z-hundred!”

“Yep,” I said, “I guess that *is* z-hundred.” Chalk up another one for Exie – she never ceases to amaze us with the things she thinks.

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tricycle lap

Today, Exie rode a tricycle completely around the (rather large) loop at her preschool, totally unassisted. Had to navigate some mud, a stick and some older boys zooming by in the fast lane. She’s been riding the tricycle for a while, but now she’s really able to do it completely by herself.

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